Arnold Boris' beautiful 1967 SS427 4-speed fastback gets the honors of kicking off this gallery of Z-24 optioned cars. Marina Blue, M-20 4 speed transmission, special instruments and AM-FM stereo with multiplex are some of the options installed on Arnold's car.


This beautiful 1967 SS427 convertible is owned by Jon and Deb Krogh. The color is Tahoe Turquoise, a rather unusual color for the 1967 cars, especially on an SS427. Other options include the sport steering wheel (RPO-N34), cruise control, tilt steering column, front power disc brakes, special instruments with speed warning, and the F-41 heavy duty suspension.


This beautiful Emerald Turquoise 1967 SS427 convertible was sold to its most fortunate owner through this web site! I think I had the car posted under the for sale section for less than a day!

For anybody wondering about the fact that the car has what appears to be a standard Impala grille (not blacked out in traditional Super Sport fashion), I posted a picture of the vehicle's build sheet clearly showing the Z-24 Super Sport 427 package. With only 79,000 original miles at the time of purchase, this is one very exceptional Super Sport!


I've been wondering what happened to this 4-speed beauty since I saw it on EBay in 2004. Anybody out there know?


Now here is an example of an extremely well optioned SS427. Front power disc brakes, "Comfortron" air conditioning, power windows, special instrumentation gauge cluster, Positraction rear axle, 4-way AM-FM stereo and rear defogger round out the extra-cost factory options on this beauty.


In the row above, a factory air-conditioned, 4 speed SS427 submitted by a site visitor. Additional options include 4-way AM-FM Stereo radio, special instrumentation gauge package, black vinyl roof cover, sport style steering wheel, and what appears to be a tilt steering column.

another blue '67 SS427

Here are some more images contributed by site visitors. The 1967 SS427 to the far left and center was built in Doraville, GA in September, 1966 and delivered to Cannon Chevrolet in Shelbyville, TN. The current owner has the protect-o-plate and 2 build sheets. He says it doesn't have too many options, but includes power steering, power brakes, TH400 auto transmissions, front running lamps and bumper guards. It does have the gauge package with 140 mph speedometer which is somewhat unusual. The car was originally Nantucket Blue, not Marina Blue as shown in these pictures. The current owner is contemplating returning the car to that color since so few remain today in the Nantucket Blue scheme.