white 67 SS427

Walter, the very fortunate current owner of this white 1967 SS427, tells me this car was built with the following options: Cruise control, tilt steering wheel, the very expensive and rare Comfortron Air Conditioning, AM / FM stereo with 8 track player, electric windows, the 6 way power Strato-Bench seat, 12 bolt Positraction rear axle, and front wheel disc brakes with the 15 inch Rally wheels. Wow! Very nicely optioned car Walter!

red 1967 SS427 convertible
red 1967 SS427 convertible
1967 SS427, side

This beautiful red 1967 Impala SS427 convertible has been featured in a number of automotive books and magazines including Super Chevy Magazine May, 1991. In that issue is a humorous story of how its owner was pulled over by a policeman and given a citation for having "The most beautiful Chevy around"! The air cleaner base on this SS427 is rather unusual, having been painted Chevy Orange by the factory per the wishes of a factory rep at the time it was built. With the convertible top, this SS427 surely must represent the summit of the full-sized driving experience.

black 1967 Impala SS427

black 1967 Impala SS427

green '67 SS427 with two tone paint

The triple black SS427 pictured above has also been featured in many publications. Its current owner tells me that besides being in books such as Robert Genat's "Chevrolet SS", it has won numerous awards at many events such as Super Chevy and has even been seen on television on the ESPN 2 series sponsored by Mothers Car Polish. Built in October of 1966, this SS427 has yet to reach 100,000 miles!! Driven regularly by its fortunate owners, this beauty was restored to as close to factory original as possible.

The green SS427 to the right was nearly stripped out and used as a parts car before its owner at the time decided to give the car what it really deserved; a full restoration! This car is the first SS427 I had ever seen pictures of that has the two tone paint scheme. It was featured in the July 1995 issue of Yesteryear's Chevys magazine.


The vehicle shown above is Ron Mroz's rather famous and award winning black SS427. Ron is the 1967 model year technical advisor for the National Impala Association and has earned quite a reputation as a very well informed Chevrolet enthusiast. His car came factory with the optional Strato Bench seat, which is shown in the 1967 interior details section. Other features include factory air conditioning, wood grained plastic sport steering wheel, tilt wheel, tachometer and gauges, and AM-FM stereo with 8 track player.

SS427 with rpo d-96 side stripes
'67 SS427 with D-96 stripes

At the time these pictures were taken, the Butternut Yellow SS427 pictured above was the first 1967 car I had ever seen in person with the optional D-96 accent stripes. I have since seen a couple of others optioned this way. There are some close-up pictures detailing the stripes in the exterior details section.


This blue SS427 is another example of a car optioned with the very rare RPO D-96 accent stripes. This car is driven regularly to shows and its owner is a real "hot rodder" at heart. The original 427 engine and transmission are still in the car and the few original parts that have been removed are being kept in a safe place for reinstallation someday. The 427 engine was recently returned to a "stock" look.

Duane and Pat Hayes SS427
Duane and Pat Hayes and their Impala

Here we have two images of Duane and Pat Hayes' SS427. These pictures were taken at a recent gathering of the National Impala Association in Spearfish, SD. I love the "CRUZN67" license plate.

To the far right is a nice picture of all three years and body styles of the SS427, taken at an East Coast gathering in Summer, 2004.

Arnol's 3 SS427 Impalas
Arnold's three SS427 Impalas
Arnolds 1967 SS427 at sunset

Here are a couple more images of Arnold Boris's 3 blue 4-speed SS427 Impalas from the 1967 side. What a nice collection! All three years and all three body styles the Z-24 option was available on are featured here in these shots. To the far right, another image of Arnold's 1967 SS427 taken just before sunset; the setting sun did a great job of casting a nice glow on the car!


Here is a recent addition to Jon Krogh's collection - and it's black with a red interior, the sharpest color combination available in my opinion! The center image also features Jon's Tahoe Turquoise SS427 convertible from page one of the 1967 Gallery. Options on the black car include tilt steering column, factory tachometer and gauges, AM-FM stereo radio with multiplex, air conditioning, positraction, F41 special suspension, and Turbo 400 automatic transmission. Nicely optioned car!


This beauty was recently auctioned off at the Mecum Auctions in Belvidere, Illinois over Memorial Day weekend 2005. It also has been featured in such magazines as Car Craft (March of 2000) and Muscle Car Review (March of 2001).

At the time of the auctions the car had 28,000 original miles and features a whole host of factory options, among them being power front disc brakes, power windows, power drivers side bucket seat, tilt steering column with simulated wood sports steering wheel, "Comfortron" air conditioning, AM-FM stereo radio, 8 track tape player, tachometer and gauge cluster and more!

The story behind this car is that it was originally won by some lucky first owner in a nationwide contest sponsored by General Motors. Given the one-of-a-kind nature of this car, I don't doubt it one bit!


Here we have Bill Katzmann's beautiful red 1967 SS427 4 speed fastback. A very nicely optioned and detailed car to say the least! An original California car it still has all of the smog equipment installed.


Also in Bill Katzmann's collection is this Marina Blue 1967 SS427 4 speed fastback. Never restored and fully documented this is also a very nicely optioned car.


This beauty is Craig Clark's 1967 SS427 4 speed fastback in Granada Gold.


Here are a few more shots of the Marina Blue car with the accent side stripes shown a bit further up on this page. These were taken at the Mecum Memorial Day weekend 2006 auction in Belvidere, IL.