Now here is a neat car; a 1968 Super Sport 427 Impala. Sounds exactly like all the other cars featured on this site, right? Not exactly; this car is a 427 car all right, but it is not an SS427. This car is an example of exactly how confusing 1968 was, and still is today. The car is a Super Sport, ordered with Regular Production Option Z-03 "Impala Super Sport equipment". However, it is not an SS427 in spite of being ordered with the L-36 385 horsepower 427.

That's because this car was not ordered with Regular Production Option Z-24, "SS427 equipment" and so there is no special hood or gills or ornamentation on this car to pronounce anything out of the ordinary. This car, however, is hardly ordinary and is even rarer than an SS427. Why? Because most buyers would have simply went ahead and sprung the extra cash and just gotten both the Z-03 and Z-24 options in combination with one another.

This car is a legitimate car and is fully documented through build sheet and protect-o-plate data. Other optional equipment includes disc brakes, "Comfortron" air conditioning, tilt steering column, AM-FM stereo radio with multiplex, and the M-21 close ratio four speed manual transmission. Very cool car and I look forward to seeing it done!


And here it is - the finished product! Very nice and very rare!