This page will highlight some of the more interesting literature, magazine ads, or anything else that might be noteworthy involving the 1968 SS427.

cancelled 1968 SS427 stripe package
1968 dealers literature

To the far left is a very rarely seen motion ad that talks about power options for the SS427 as well as the Biscayne -- The "street racer special". This ad is the back page from a Motion Sales pamphlet from 1969 and was contributed by Tom Cahill.

Another interesting piece of information that most people are unaware of is that there were apparently plans to include a stripe package with the Z-24 option in 1968. In the full-size assembly manual there is a page detailing the correct application of these stripes. Dated 8-5-67, it also has a large "CANCELED" stamped on it. Click on the thumbnail above center to get a better look at this canceled item.

To the far right is shown one area of the 1968 dealers brochure that lists the SS427 option. This is the area I referred to earlier that describes the front fender ornaments as being "bright metal".

68 dealers brochure

To the far left is the other part of the 1968 dealer brochure that highlights the 1968 SS427 option.

In the middle and far right are a couple of images showing a very rare 1968 dealers' poster illustrating the Z03 and Z24 Super Sport options. This was contributed by Steven Leunig - thanks Steven!