Now here is a neat car! This red SS427 convertible is a Canadian SS427, and Canadian built cars all seem to have the Z-24 option (SS427 equipment) stamped into the cowl tag. Clicking on the small image on the bottom right will give you a better view of this feature.

Also notable is the Owners Manual written in the French language, pictured to the bottom left. This beauty as well as the triple black L-72 convertible in the next row are both owned by Dave Jackson.


Pictured above is perhaps an example of the ultimate 1968 SS427. Triple black, bucket seats, M-22 transmission and fitted with the 425 horsepower L-72 engine. Other options include front power disc brakes, fiber optic light monitors, factory tachometer and gauges, cornering lamps, power windows, and power door locks.

1968 L-72 SS427
1968 L-72 SS427

The red 1968 SS427 pictured above is an L-72, 4 speed, bench seat car that was manufactured in Canada. The gentleman that this beauty belonged to at the time the pictures were taken also says he owns Hemi powered Chrysler vehicles, but this SS427 is faster than any of them!! This is the same vehicle featured in the exterior details section under the paragraph about the possibilities of the retractable headlamps option being available on the Impala in addition to the Caprice.

To the right, another visitor submitted picture, this one of a Custom Coupe SS427.

Rick nelson's 1968 SS427 Custom Coupe
Rick nelson's 1968 SS427 Custom Coupe
Rick Nelson's 427 engine
Rick Nelson's interior

This black SS427 Custom Coupe is owned by Rick Nelson of Minnesota and has been featured in Super Chevy Magazine, July, 1983. This car was located by Rick and a friend in a barn in 1976 with only 3,427 miles showing on the odometer! Having sat since 1969, the car was in need of a lot of TLC. The Custom Coupe SS427s are the hardest to find these days, especially the 1968 models, and Rick's very rare Super Sport is probably one of the most heavily optioned of those few that remain. In addition to the Z-24 equipment, it includes the optional Z-03 Super Sport equipment, wood grained plastic wheel, special instrumentation gauge package, power door locks, AM / FM stereo and 8 track player, fiber optic light monitoring system, disc brakes and what appears to be cruise control. The original 427 engine was seized up from sitting so long when he found it, but has been replaced with a crate 427 that has been modified with several non-original parts. Great car Rick!

black 1968 SS427
Barry mauers 1968 SS427
Barry Mauers 1968 Ss427

No mystery here. The owner of the black SS427 to the left has admittedly added the retractable headlamps. This car has the standard bench seat interior, but was ordered with factory air conditioning, 8 track player and AM-FM stereo, tilt wheel, wood grained plastic steering wheel, rear antenna and front wheel disc brakes. A very well optioned car indeed! In the middle and to the far right is Barry Mauer's 1968 SS427 sport coupe. Barry is the National Impala Association's 1968 model year technical advisor.

white 1968 Impala SS427 Custom Coupe
Tripoli Turquoise 1968 Impala SS427 Custom Coupe
Blue '68 SS427 Sport Coupe

The white and turquoise SS427s pictured above are both of the Custom Coupe variety. The blue SS427 on the right is of the Sport Coupe body style. Unfortunately I do not know too much about all three of these cars as the pictures were all shared by site visitors.


To the left and center, some group shots featuring all three of Arnold Boris' blue 4-speed SS427 Impalas. These images are large and may take a bit to download for those of you with a dial-up modem, but such awesome pictures are worth the wait!

The picture to the far right shows the red SS427 4 speed, bench seat fastback from page one parked next to Arnold Boris' SS427 convertible. The two Z-24 cars attended a 2003 cruise night in Northern Illinois. It certainly is a site you will not see very often!


Here are some nice shots of my '69 SS427 next to the Palomino Ivory '68 SS427 convertible featured throughout this site. Again, a view you won't see too often!


To the far left and in the middle are both my SS427s pictured together. To the far right, Arnold Boris' 1968 SS427 4 speed convertible and my 1968 SS427 convertible attending a cruise night in July of 2004. Another rare site for full size Chevrolet fans!


This beautiful red Custom Coupe SS427, owned by Don Bock, was present at the recent All-GM National show at Carlisle, PA.


Also making an appearance at the Carlisle, PA show was this 1968, 4 speed fastback.


Now here is a neat car. First, I've never seen a Sequoia Green 1968 SS427, in any body style. Second, it's a 4.88 rear axle ratio car! That rear end is tied to an M-21 close ratio 4 speed manual transmission and is complimented by F-41 special performance front and rear suspension. Very nice!

don's 68
don's 68 rear
don's 68 side

The Tripoli Turquoise 1968 fastback shown above belongs to Don Scialla and is one of three SS427 cars that Don owns. It's a recently completed 100% frame off restoration with a numbers matching 385 horsepower L-36 427 engine and TH400 auto transmission. This SS427 was in a storage trailer in Connecticut for 12 years but is a Los Angeles built car that was in California until 1998. The car currently has 39,000 documented miles.


This beauty was also just recently auctioned at the Mecum event in Belvidere, IL May 2006


This is Andy Bennett's Z03 Z24 impala. Out of only a handful of 68's in England this is the only one of its kind with the Z24 option. It's a very heavily optioned vehicle, including the later addition of the T83 hideaway headlight covers. Looks great Andy!