1969 Z-24 option
1969 Chevrolet Sports Department
1969 dealers Sports department brochure
Rally Wheels were not included with the SS427, contrary to what many people believe. In the dealer's sales brochure it mentions Rally Wheels as " a dashing accent to any Chevrolet, particularly SS427". On the dealer order form, under the SS427 model option, it makes no reference to the Rallys, only that the package included 15 inch wheels.

The SS427 was not always necessarily delivered with the red-stripe tires either. Though they are listed as being part of the Z-24 option, a buyer could easily substitute several types of white-stripe and whitewall tires. Above and to the left is a picture of the SS427 option from the 1969 dealers order form, showing what the SS427 included. To the right are the two pages in the 1969 Chevrolet Sports Department brochure that featured the 1969 SS427. This Sports Department brochure is extremely rare and hard to find today, but it does contain the most detailed information that was released by Chevrolet regarding the Impala SS427.