This gallery is dedicated to nothing but images of the 1969 Impala SS427. A separate Chevrolet Photo Gallery featuring all Chevrolets can be found by following the navigation button to the left or by clicking on this link. Click on any of the images below for a better look at these great cars.


Of course I must start out the 1969 photo gallery by showing off my pride and joy, this black 1969 SS427. It's the Sport Coupe body style and in addition to the SS427, it includes the 6-way power bench seat, Comfortron air conditioning, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, sports style steering wheel, 4 way AM-FM stereo, black vinyl roof cover, rally wheels, and auxiliary lighting.

This SS427 is partially modified and is really fast for a car its size and has surprised more than its share of overconfident youngsters with their fancy imports and sports cars. Just ask the owner of a 2004 GTO who decided to mess around with me one day on a long stretch of rural Wisconsin highway.


This blue SS427 is of the Custom Coupe body style. A fully documented, well optioned 4 speed SS427 that I was happy to help its new owner, Arnold Boris, find through the Internet! This SS427 helped him complete his collection of all three years and all three body styles the Z-24 option was available on.


This beautiful red SS427 convertible was seen at the National Impala Association's 2001 convention.

'69 SS427 steering wheel

I've seen this beauty at several shows around the Milwaukee, WI area over the past seven years. I do know this car has changed hands a few times over that period. A very rare car in that it is a 4 speed, Custom Coupe SS427.


Now here's a 1969 SS427 that has a custom interior that looks like the way Chevrolet should have done things in the first place. I once spotted this same car in a parking garage in Milwaukee,WI, but before I could get to it, the car had already left. As it turns out, it is now owned by Andrew Pace of Minnesota, the Past President of Gopher State Chevy's and Late Great Chevy's member #14652.

Never having been exposed to a north central United States winter, this beauty is completely rust-free and includes a rather interesting option in the rear window defroster. That is a very rare option for a convertible. For those of you who are sticklers for originality, Andrew does plan on replacing the interior back to stock.

L-72 convertible
L-72 convertible
L-72 convertible

I used to wonder if there ever was a 1969 Impala SS427 convertible that was built with the L-72 425 horsepower 427 engine. Until I was made aware of this car, the only L-72 convertibles I had ever seen were all of the 1968 model year.This vehicle is still in the possession of the original buyer, who ordered the car brand new back in 1969 in Canada. With a wide assortment of original documentation to prove it , there is no doubt that this L-72 SS427 convertible is authentic. The Frost Green exterior color almost certainly ensures that this is a one of a kind Chevrolet.


Just recently I was digging through some old car show photographs and manage to find these two pictures of this blue 1969 SS427 convertible. I cannot recall if this car was a 4 speed car or an automatic transmission car, but it sure looked nice when I photographed it! The Custom Coupe SS427 to the far right was sent in to me by a site visitor.

Triple black 1969 SS427 convertible
black 1969 SS427

The white 1969 SS427 Custom Coupe was sent to me by a site visitor. I believe that this is a Canadian built vehicle.The picture in the middle was sent to me by another 1969 enthusiast who responded when I told him I had been looking for a triple-black SS427 convertible with bucket seats.

On the right is another black SS427 and is an L-72 4 speed car from Canada. The car is still in the family of the original buyer, something that is also rarely seen these days and leaves little doubt as to the car's history. Is there anything finer than an L-72 equipped SS427 Impala?