1969 Custom Coupe SS427
1969 Custom Coupe SS427
1969 Custom Coupe SS427

It may sound like a broken record , but here is yet another black 1969 SS427!! The Custom Coupe body style, this car is a little unusual in that it has a 4 speed transmission and the bench seat. It also has a very interesting history, as it was originally ordered as an L-72, air conditioned car. However, Chevrolet's policy was no engines using solid lifters, such as the L-72, were to be equipped with air conditioning due to overheating problems. The dealer never caught it and happily submitted the order which the factory immediately rejected. The dealer then decided the original buyer would probably rather have the air conditioning more than they would want the L-72, so he fixed the order so the factory would accept it by changing the engine option back to the L-36. As it turned out, the L-72 was what the buyer truly wanted and would gladly have sacrificed the A / C. Needless to say, he was thoroughly disappointed in the vehicle's performance as a drag car and sold it rather quickly. The current owner, Hal Oaks, affectionately calls it "Tank Monster".


Now here is a car that was ordered as an L-72 and delivered as an L-72! One of the more unusual color combinations you might ever see with a medium green bucket seat interior and Ermine White exterior paint. Besides the L-72 this SS427 is also equipped with the M-22 "Rockcrusher" manual transmission and a 3:73 12 bolt Positraction rear axle. According to the current owner the engine is getting a bit tired and has never been out of the car, but when you get on it she runs like "Jack the Bear! I can imagine it does.

blue 1969 SS427

The blue sport coupe 1969 SS427 was spotted several years ago at a car show in Jefferson, WI. Not soon after I posted this picture I was contacted by one of the vehicle's previous owners. Turns out this car was featured on the cover of the November, 1991 issue of Muscle Cars Magazine.

The vehicle in the center and to the far right was sent in by a site visitor. I cannot recall what options this car has on it but it sure is a neat car.

The car on the far right is the first Cortez Silver 1969 SS427 I've ever seen and again was contributed by a site visitor.

Blue 1969 SS427 Convertible
white 1969 SS427 Custom Coupe
Black 1969 Impala Ss427 convertible

The convertible to the far left was also spotted for sale at a car show in Elkhorn, WI several years ago. At the time, the asking price was less than $8,000. Yikes! I sure wish I had jumped on it for that money. If I recall the car was a bench seat, automatic on the column.

The white Custom Coupe was sent in by a site visitor and is believed to be a Canadian car. The black convertible was also submitted to me a site visitor.


Shown above are three images contributed by a couple of the site's visitors. This scene is from a recent East Coast gathering of three SS427s. Once again, all three body styles and all three years of the Z-24 option are represented. Included in these pictures is Hal Oaks' 1969 Custom Coupe SS427, shown at the top of this page.


And here we have what I consider the crowning jewel of my own collection; this 1969 SS427 convertible. 40,000 original miles, always garaged, never driven in rain and near-mint condition! It's only the second 4 speed 1969 SS427 convertible I have even seen. Options include AM-FM stereo radio and 4 speakers, F-41 special front and rear suspension, 12 bolt positraction rear axle with 3:31 ratio, remote drivers side mirror, M-21 close ratio transmission and all the SS427 goodies.

Now what makes this car really special is its build date; the third week in July of 1969, shortly before production of the 1969 models ended to gear up for the 1970 cars. That makes it one of the last, if not the last, SS427 ever built and it almost certainly is the last 4 speed full size Super Sport convertible ever built.

I've already spoken to the original owner who told me he received $1000 back off the sale price in December of 1969 because this car had just been sitting on the showroom floor. The dealer referred to the car as "dud". Wow, where is my time machine? I want to go back and buy up some more of these "duds"!

Those of you with a keen eye will notice the 1968 console. The original console was removed in order to install a Hurst shifter. Fortunately for me all the Muncie stuff was wrapped up and preserved, which I have since re-installed. The original console did not survive however so a 1968 unit will have to do...for now.


Isn't Butternut Yellow with black trim one of the best looking color schemes found on any late 1960s Chevrolet? I think it is, especially on a car like this. Having the F-41 suspension with rear anti-sway stabilizer bar really sets off this beauty owned by Craig Clark of Texas! Other options include air conditioning, power windows, tilt steering column, fiber optic light monitors, AM-FM stereo with 4 speakers, and the remote trunk release.


Here are some nice pictures of my Frost Green convertible and Arnold Boris' 4 speed Custom Coupe seen recently at a local car show.


The red Canadian SS427 convertible was spotted at the Mecum Auctions in Belvidere, IL in May of 2006.