Needing an answer to Ford's wildly successful Mustang, Chevrolet unveiled the Camaro in 1967 and the car became an almost overnight hit. Often called the "Poor Man's Corvette", the Camaro has featured some of the most handsome, aggressive looking body styles of any Chevrolet in history. Some of the first and second generation Camaros use body lines that just look good no matter the vehicle's age. This section of the Chevrolet photo gallery is dedicated to these "little" Chevys.


I love anything with a red interior, and this nice 1969 Z-28 is very striking with the white paint/red interior contrast.

1968 Yenko Camaro
1968 Yenko Camaro Engine
1968 Yenko Camaro certificate

According to the statement of authenticity, shown to the far right, this is the only authentic 1968 Yenko Camaro built with factory air conditioning.

1968 Camaro SS396 convertible
1968 Camaro SS Interior
1968 Camaro SS Interior

A gorgeous 1968 SS396 Camaro convertible!! I sure do love that red interior with the simulated wood wheel.

1969 RS SS Camaro

Here's a pair of really nice 1969 Camaros. A combination Rally Sport/ Super Sport 396 to the left and in the middle and far right a ZL-1 that sports an aluminum 427 V-8 engine, 4 speed transmission and a 4:11 Positraction rear axle.

1967 Z-28

Here is a trio of nice 1967 Camaros. To the far left an SS396 convertible, followed by a pace car convertible and lastly one of the very first Z-28s ever made, built in the production days before the arrival of the Z-28 emblems. Those would on later year cars.

1969 COPO Camaro
COPO sign
1969 Yenko Camaro

Here are two examples of legendary high-performance Camaros. The green 1969 Camaro on the left is believed to be the only documented COPO vehicle built with the rather unusual and almost unheard of Liquid Tire Chain option. This setup basically dispensed a traction improving solvent onto the rear wheels in order to make it easier to move around on slick or icy roads. The thought of this option being installed on such a monster is intriguing, because one would think that a car with such a mean nature would never see bad road conditions. My theory is that this dispenser was not intended for use on bad roads, but at the drag strip dispensing some type of traction improving compound onto the rear tires just before making a run. On the right, a documented 1969 Yenko Camaro.

1969 Z-28/Rally Sport Camaro

Here's a trio of really nice Z-28 Camaros. To the left a Z-28/ Rally Sport offering the best of both the performace and beauty worlds. In the middle is another white 1969 Z-28 and finally to the far right a 1970 Z-28.


To the left and center a couple of nice Super Sport convertibles I spotted at local car shows in WI. To the far right is one of the cleanest and prettiest 1969 Camaros I have ever seen. Some people would yawn at the fact that it is only a 307 car, but this car is exceptionally well optioned and maintained; and not a bad color either!


To the far left and center a couple of nice 1967 Camaros followed to the left by a Butternut Yellow 1969 SS350.


This gorgeous SS350 to the left was sent in to me by a site visitor so I have no idea what kind of options the car has but it sure is nice!

Center and right is one of the two actual pace cars used in the 1969 Indianapolis 500 race. The sign to the far right describes all of the modifications and prep work that went into the car for the race.


Three very nice '69 Camaros; the Frost Lime SS396 and the Hugger Orange SS396 were at the Mecum fall 2005 auction in St. Charles, Illinois. The SS350 was sent in by Dan, a site visitor. It has a late model 350 GM High Output engine with Hedman Headers, Hi-rise Edelbrock Intake with Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor., Flow Master dual exhaust and TH350 transmission. The interior is stock blue vinyl with original console.