This photo gallery is dedicated to the rest of Chevrolet's full-sized vehicles, going back as far as the 1953 model year. Over the past four years since I started this site, I have added several pages to this gallery. Enjoy them all!

1966 Impala Super Sport
1966 L-72 427
427 cross flags

As I stated on the Frequently Asked Questions page, the 1966 427 powered Impala Super Sports were not the RPO Z-24 cars that are highlighted on this web site; that is why I did not include a page on them. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate them, for they were the first of the 427 powered Impalas and are often overlooked because they were not referred to as "SS427". So I thought it only appropriate to begin this photo gallery with this 425 horsepower L-72 , 4 speed 1966 Impala Super Sport. I spotted this vehicle for sale at a car show in Elkhorn, WI in 2000.

1966 396 powered Biscayne
66 L-72 Biscayne
Blue 66 Super Sport

Three more big-block 1966 Chevrolets. The two cream colored Biscaynes are not identical cars. The one to the far right was spotted at the 2005 Hot Rodding Magazine Power Tour in Milwaukee and is a 396/ automatic transmission car. The center car has the L-72 425 horsepower 427 and a real "stripper" look to it.

The blue Super Sport Impala is equipped with the 385 horsepower L-36 427 and was sent in by a site visitor.

1966 L-72 Caprice
1966 L-72 engine
1966 Caprice interior

Keeping right on the 1966 model year, here is a beautiful 1966, L-72 powered, 4 speed, bucket seat equipped Caprice. With only 31,000 original miles, the car is unrestored and mostly untouched according to its very fortunate current owner. A rare find indeed, this Caprice came factory with no power brakes or steering or any type of luxury items what so ever. In addition to the L-72, it was ordered factory with the M-20 wide ratio gearbox and 4.10:1 rear axle gears, making for one of the most serious versions of Chevrolet's flagship vehicle that I have ever seen.


Here's another beauty I spotted at the Milwaukee Hot Rodding show; this L-78, 425 horsepower 396 Impala Super Sport!


Here is another high-horsepower beauty. An L-72, M-22, 4.10 Positraction, 1966 Bel Air! Other neat options include rear-window defroster, special instrumentation, AM-FM stereo, F-41 special suspension and a rear antenna. Nice!


A really nice 1967 396 4-speed Impala SS convertible!


Shown above are two very nice 1968 Impalas of the Custom Coupe body style.


Here is a really nicely optioned 396 powered 1968 Caprice I came across at a local car show in Milwaukee.


Here we have an awesome L-36, 385 horsepower 427 powered 1967 Bel Air. Other performance equipment includes an M-20 4 speed transmissions, F-41 special performance suspension, and power brakes and power steering. Sold new in Alabama, this Bel Air has had a first rate restoration and is a marvelous vehicle.


This beautiful red 1969 Impala started out as a 396 powered car, is badged as a 427 car, but in reality is powered by an LS-6 454! It's nice to see another 1969 Impala with the very rare red interior. This car also has the dealer installed accessory tachometer installed on the steering column.