Here's a beautiful blue 1958 Impala convertible that features a 348 Tri-Power setup, 3 speed manual transmission shifter on the steering column and a 3:55 rear axle ratio. A nice way to kick off page two of the full size Chevrolets gallery!

1965 Bel Air

Here's a pair of nice 1965 Chevrolets. The Super Sport convertible to the far left is the only example I can recall seeing in the Evening Orchid color scheme. In the middle and far right is a Bel Air coupe.


This beautiful black 1969 Impala Custom is a non RPO-Z24 optioned car that basically has all of the options included with the SS427 package! L-36 390 horsepower 427, disc brakes, special suspension, red line tires, etc. It is a bit of a curiosity why the original buyer did not simply specify the RPO-Z24 Super Sport 427 package. Is there any better color combination than black with red interior?


Yet another L-72 powered 1966 full size Chevrolet, this Super Sport Impala is perhaps the most desireable color offered that year - Marina Blue.


Here's a real monster! A 1968 Caprice Estate wagon powered by a 433 V-8 engine!


Here's a real nice 1968 Impala Super Sport 396 with factory air conditioning.


Another red 1968 Impala Super Sport, this time in convertible trim and powered by a 327. To the far right is a nice 1966 396 Impala convertible.


This is perhaps the nicest 1968 Caprice I have ever seen, and is certainly one of the most heavily optioned. Powered by the L-36 385 horsepower 427, the rest of the options are probably too many to list in a single paragraph! However, they include top of the line Comfortron Air Conditioning, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, AM-FM mulitplex stereo radio with 8 track player, rear window defogger, power front wheel disc brakes with the 15 inch Rally wheel trim, power windows, vacuum trunk release, "Vigilite" fiber optic light monitoring system, vinyl roof cover and many more! All told, over 40 factory and dealer installed options highlight this vehicle.

Notice in the picture above and to the right the rarely seen "Astro Ventilation" script on the window. The vent windows were eliminated on the two door Caprices in 1968, and this script was used for a short period of time.


To the left, a 1966 327 powered Caprice followed to the center and far right by a pair of 1970 Impalas.These pictures, as well as several that follow, were taken at the National Impala Association's 2001 convention in Spearfish, SD. They were contributed by fellow Chevy enthusiast Ron Lynch. Thanks Ron!