The Frost Green Impala to the far left is another very nice example of the 1969 model year. The Gobi Beige Custom Coupe to the center and far right is probably the nicest and most highly optioned 1970 car I've ever seen.


A beautiful Marina Blue Impala SS convertible powered by a 396 V-8 that is coupled to a 4 speed manual transmission.


To the far right is a 1968 L-72 Biscayne sent in by John Lacasse. This car was featured in the "Readers Rides" section of Car Craft Magazine, July 2005 issue. The two beauties to the center and far right were seen at the Carlisle PA All GM Nationals show.


Now here is another neat full size Chevy and a bit of an oddball as well. What I mean by that is that this car has the MC-1, 3 speed manual transmission on the column and the LS-1 427 engine. First it is odd to see the "three on the tree" (which was the included transmission with SS427) and second it is odd to see the LS-1 in a 1969 Biscayne as it is factory rated at 335 horsepower and was the "economy" 427 that year. Most of the 1969 Biscaynes that were built for any other purpose than cheap family transportation, taxis, or police cruisers, were built with one of the 4 speed manual transmissions on the floor and one of the two higher horsepower 427 engines (L-36 or L-72) that were available in 1969.

I can assure you though, having seen and heard this car in person, it is quite an animal!


To the far left is my car collecting buddy Mark's 1969 Impala convertible followed by a gorgeous red 1958 convertible in the middle and far right.


I found this nice 1970 Caprice sitting in the parking lot of the county fairgrounds during the Mecum Auctions during May of 2006 in Belvidere, IL. I never did get to talk to the owner but it sure is a nice car! Blue bench seat interior with air conditioning, tilt wheel and 400 c.i. V-8 are what I can remember!

It's followed by the r ed 1969 Kingswood wagon - a 390 horsepower L-36 Kingswood with air conditioning. I'm trying to get the owner to send more images! This red Kingswood is a very rare car for sure.......


....but not as rare as this 1967 Caprice wagon! In fact I don't think "rare" even applies to a car that is quite probably one-of-a-kind. Loaded with all sorts of great options, this 385 horsepower 427 wagon is the only 1967 wagon I've ever seen with a 427, let alone an M-20 4 speed manual transmission.

The car was ordered new by a doctor in the Arkansas area, presumably a house-call doctor and someone who needed the space to haul around all of his equipment. At the same time it would appear he was a man with a taste for sport.

The fortunate owner of this beauty is Arnold Boris, whose collection continues to grow and contains some of the rarest pieces I have ever seen. Once I get a chance to shoot this car in the open and by itself there will be more pictures coming. It was incredibly difficult to get full body shots of the car due to the masses of perplexed onlookers it drew.

And, for those of you wondering, yes it is a real car and yes, they could be ordered that way! The first cruise night I attended in which Arnold brought this gem featured more questions of that nature than anything else.


Shown above is a really nice and low mileage Burnished Brown 1969 Custom Coupe. I could not stop looking at this car when I spotted it; I really like that color combination!


The black 1968 Impala fastback shown above is also part of my own collection; in fact, my only small block car! Purchased from the original owners in 2003, this car is the most nearly original car I have ever owned with the exception of the white letter tires I have added. It still has the original shock absorbers on it! Still has the original paint, interior and engine, which is the 250 horse 327.


Now here is a neat car - not original but a very well done car that shows us all a look at what might have been in 1970 had Chevrolet not dropped most of the performance goodies from that model year's full size cars. A 1970 454 Caprice with a 4 speed manual transmission! This is a very well done car and features a load of interesting options, including working Comfortron, Fiber-Optics, radio delete plate, low windshield solvent indicator, map light in rearview mirror, hood and trunk lights and sport steering wheel. The engine is out of a 1970 wagon, the transmission is an M22 out of a Chevelle, the rear end and sway bar is from a 68 Impala and the dash has the 140 MPH speedometer out of a police car. Very cool!