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Q. - Why aren't the 427 powered 1966 Impala Super Sports included in this web site?

A. - This web site focuses on the 1967, 1968, and 1969 Impalas that were built with the Regular Production Option (R.P.O.) Z-24, SS427 equipment. In 1966, there was no RPO Z-24 SS427 package and those 1966 cars were simply 427 powered Impala Super Sports. Chevrolet never marketed them as SS427 cars.

Q. - Could an SS427 come with a bench seat? ; I thought no Super Sports ever came with bench seats.

A. - Most assuredly, YES! In 1967 there was an optional split bench seat available on the Impala SS series; it was known as the "Strato-Bench" seat. For the 1968 and 1969 model years, you will find this explanation covered in the 1968 and 1969 interior details pages.

Q. - How can I tell if my car is a real Super Sport or a real SS427?

A. - This is very difficult to determine in the late 1960s full size Chevrolets. On the 1967 cars, you can at least determine if the car is a real Super Sport by examining the Vehicle Indentification Number, stamped on a stainless steel plate riveted inside the drivers door jamb. Model numbers 16887 (Impala SS sport coupe) and 16867 (Impala SS convertible) were the only Impalas the SS427 was available on.

For 1968 and 1969 it becomes increasingly difficult to determine, as the Impala SS was eliminated as a separate model and Super Sport (1968) and SS427 (1968 and 1969) equipment became model options for the standard Impala. Nothing in the VIN will reflect if you have a 1968 or 1969 SS427.

The best way to determine what you have is original paperwork - a Protect-O-Plate (warranty card) a build sheet, or a bill of sale are all excellent ways to determine a car's authenticity.

Q. - Was it possible to get the 427 engine in a non-Super Sport Impala?

A. - YES! The 427 engine was not exclusive to the Impala Super Sport or even the Impala. The 427, in the years 1966-1969, was available as a regular production option on ALL full size Chevrolets and the Corvette.

Q. - Why don't you feature more cars with the hoods down in your photo galleries?

A. - Unfortunately I am not sponsored by any organization and therefore rarely get opportunities to photograph the cars one on one with their owners. Therefore the only opportunities I get are at car show events where most of the time the owner takes the liberty of displaying his or her car with the hood open.

Q. - "How many _______ were produced in _______ 19__?" - This is basically a fill in the blanks question and I probably get more of these types than any other question. Let's use "How many 1968 L-72, 4 speed Custom Coupe SS427s were produced?" as an example.

A. - Unless Chevrolet is hiding information from all of us, there is no way to answer such specific questions. In the above example, I can tell you that there were 1,778 SS427 Impalas produced in 1968, but I cannot specifically tell you how many were Custom Coupes. I can also tell you that 568 L-72s were installed in the big Chevys in 1968, but again that number encompasses all the full size cars and is not specific to one particular model.

Chevrolet simply did not keep such detailed records, and so with only a few exceptions, this type of answer would apply to any question as specific as the example I used above.