This 1968 convertible was discussed at length on the site's message board back in January 2004.

As you can see in the pictures, a previous owner thought adding stripes throughout the length of the body of the car was a "cool" thing to do. Cowl tag indicates this car is originally red paint, white convertible top, with parchment (black and white) bucket seat interiors. Clues that this is, in fact, a real L72 car are the 6,000 R.P.M. tachometer, the correctly numbered intake manifold and carburetor for the L72, and the single fuel line shown above and center.

This car obviously needs some TLC, but I finally convinced Terry to send some pictures anyways because of what this car is! I know of only a handful of L72 1968 Impala convertibles, so this is one extremely rare piece. Other neat features are power front disc brakes and a 4.11 positraction rear axle.