If you have visited this web site, then there is a very good chance you are an enthusiast of the late 1960's full size Chevrolets. This web site was originally done just as a project for a web site development class I was taking at a local university here in my home state of Wisconsin. After I completed it, I decided to buy the domain name and get it hosted out here on the internet where all big Chevy loyalists could find it and hopefully enjoy it.

More than anything though, I was spurred on by the obligation to bring forth information that is as factual and correct as I can hope to get; the type of information that seems to elude most journalists / writers who choose to feature the 1967-1969 big Chevys.

This site has become a major hit with most everyone who has stopped by. I am continuously amazed at the wonderful comments I get from people either in my guest book or through my e-mail. Even I did not expect this web site to become as popular as it has. All I originally had hoped for was just to get a few visitors now and then who might be curious about the Impala SS427s that were built from 1967 through 1969. Instead this site seems to have become a the central gathering spot for nearly everyone who enjoys the big Chevys of the late 1960s.

As for me, the first car I can ever remember getting a ride in was a 1969 Kingswood Estate. It was my aunt's car and I was in Kindergarten at the time. So began my "love affair" with the big Chevys!

In high school my first car was a Dusk Blue 327 powered 1969 Impala Custom Coupe. I was continuously tormented by all of my buddies who favored Mustangs, Camaros, Novas, etc. That never interfered with my interest in these cars and so I began to research them as best as was possible in the mid 1980s. By 1988 I had added the first "gem" to my ever-growing collection; a Tuxedo Black with red interior 1969 Impala SS427.

That was also about the time I realized it was time for me to give something back to this great country of ours for the wonderful life I was leading. There are some things I love more than my Chevys and one of them is the United States of America, so I decided to join the Air Force. I'd always had a fascination with aircraft and for the past 18 years now I've been a part of various aircraft maintenance squadrons either on active duty or as part of the Reserves. I've worked on everything from the B-1 bomber to the F-117 stealth fighter to my current assignment as a C-130 avionics technician.

During the recent operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, I've been deployed twice. It's the second war I've been a part of and each deployment leaves you with a greater appreciation for what you have back home here.


Above and to the left is my 1968 SS427 convertible on the base I am currently assigned to. To the far right; meeting Robin Williams, Christmas 2004, during a USO tour at a deployed location. What a treat that was!


Being in aircraft maintenance, I get a lot of opportunties to see some pretty amazing sights. One thing about the Persian Gulf region is that there are some AWESOME sunsets, and these two pictures are a couple of my favorites I managed to take in between work.

In getting back to the subject of the web site, the reason this site focuses on only the SS427 Impalas is because they are my favorite of favorite Chevrolets. I am only one person maintaining this site and so it was my decision to focus on the cars that hold the biggest part of my interests and passions.

For anyone wondering why I did not include the 1966 427 cars, the answer is simple; they were not the RPO-Z24 cars that this web site focuses on. In 1966 there was no special model option for Impala known as "SS427". There were many 1966 Super Sports ordered with one of the two 427 engines, but Chevrolet did not market them as "SS427".

Now with that said, that does not mean I do not like the 1966 427 cars; hardly! But I get that question so often I have actually answered it within the context of this website at least twice now.

So that's a little bit about me and this site. I hope everyone enjoys it and the information and pictures contained within.