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For all you 1969 fans out there, take a peek at this great sister site dedicated to the preservation and restoration of 1969 Chevrolet full size models. www.1969chevy.com. Looking for a polish to protect your classic car? Try Five Star Shine. It outlasts and outshines anything else you've ever used!


The National Impala Association is the biggest organized club involving enthusiasts of the Chevrolet Impala or the full sized Chevys in general, covering the 1958-1970 model years. Got a question you cannot figure about about your Chevy? Visit Chevy Talk and make a post in any one of over 50 different forums. You will not find a more knowledgeable crowd of Chevrolet people anywhere else on the Internet.

If you love the 1968 cars then check out this real nice site featuring nothing but 1968 Impalas.



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